Feeding My Community through Music

I’m honored to be asked, along with my band “Vino Banditos” and Sacramento singer-songwriter Cynthia Brown, to be a part of the “Fill The Pantry” event for The Placer Food Bank for the second year in a row.  By playing some of our favorite acoustic rock songs by our favorite artists, we have the opportunity to be part of an event that raises much-need funds for food distribution, school-lunch programs, surplus farm delivery services and much more.  The Placer Food Bank, like The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano, provides so much more than we initially tend to give the organization credit for, and they need our ongoing support.  If you can’t make the show, consider donating to either Food Bank through their websites: www.placerfoodbank.org  www.foodbankccs.org  Thanks 🙂

John Young



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