The power went out in our Roseville, CA neighborhood early this morning…in fact, right at the time I normally get up to get ready for work, about 3:15 a.m. In the 19 years we’ve live in our home, I can’t recall the power ever going out at that odd time.  I imagine most folks in our neighborhood slept through it, but I was confronted with several immediate concerns, starting with this one: should I wake my wife Meg up and ask for assistance?  The whole house is very dark; if not for the full moon outside I wouldn’t be able to see anything (I’m lucky I even woke up, as my electric alarm clock was very dark as well). I finally called out, very sheepishly, “Honey? Are you awake?” “I am now…” Meg responded. “The power’s out…” “I get that,” she answered.  At this point everybody’s awake (except our teenage son Brett who could sleep through a 7.5 earthquake), I’m stumbling around the room while realizing I’m super unprepared to get up in the morning without electricity. A series of questions are racing through my tired mind at this point: How will I shave properly? How will I get my hair just right? How will I know when I have enough toothpaste on my toothbrush? “Should I go get a candle?” I ask my wife innocently.  At this point she gets out of bed, grabs her cell phone off the bedside table (mine is always downstairs plugged into the charger), turns on the “Flashlight” function and props it up on the bathroom counter: “it’s 2017, not 1917”. Point taken…what would I do without Meg?

John Young



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