Contest Winner Excitement Request

Hi KUIC Listeners! This is my first official blog post, and I want to make it a good one, so I need your help: if you’re lucky enough to get through the phone lines and participate in a KUIC Home Town Morning Show contest like “The Box of Trivia” or “What Do You Think?”, act excited.  Even if you’re not excited.  Even if you’ve had a rough morning. No coffee yet…hang nail…large cell phone bill…I need you to give the listening audience SOMETHING in terms of excitement. You see, for all the people listening to the contest rather than participating in the contest, we owe them at least a few minutes of good radio while the contest participant is playing the game. Rather than look at playing a morning show radio game as a telephone version of going to Walgreens to pick up your sinus medication, get enthusiastic about what’s happening.  Don’t simply answer “B” in a monotone voice when asked to select a possible answer to a question: shout, cheer and engage with us as we make radio fun for everyone, even the folks who aren’t winning anything.

-John Young



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