Can a local high school basketball team victory bring tears to your eyes?  Sure…maybe you’re a parent of one of the players, or maybe your best friend is on the team.  Maybe it’s been a long time since a high school basketball team from this area won something big…or maybe it’s the raw emotion you heard from Coach Allison Johnson when I asked her how she felt a day or two AFTER the big win: “I’m going to miss the players.  It was…hard…when their names were being called after we won…I realized I’m not going to be able to coach them anymore…I’m going to miss these special people.” As a non-athlete in high school  (and certainly into adulthood; have you seen my golf game??), I didn’t appreciate the athletic achievements of my high school classmates as much as I should have. Big games involving my high school were an excuse to get together with friends and hang out, whether we won or lost. My specific sports knowledge has always been a little shaky, but I can totally relate to the emotional impact of watching something big happen while knowing it means the end of something.  Tears of Joy and Sadness at the same time 🙂

John Young



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