Christmas Questions 2017

Our parent company, Alpha Media USA, recently sent a batch of “Christmas Questions” to all of us on-air staff, in order to elicit some humorous responses that the company can use for promotional material…I thought it would be fun to include my answers for you here.  Stay tune for local celebrity answers to these questions coming soon J

  • Fake or Real Christmas Tree?  Real for most of my life, but I’m beginning to see the many advantages of a “faker” (easy-of-use, environmental benefits, etc.).
  • Favorite Holiday Food?  Whatever can be made into something chocolate…pie, cookies, fruitcake, whatever.
  • Favorite Holiday Song?  I’m a sucker for The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s version of “Sleigh Ride”…thankfully my boss let’s me play it a lot during the Holidays at KUIC.
  • Favorite Holiday Drink?  A good over-priced Red Wine is always acceptable, but not too much…I don’t want to be too loopy to enjoy my favorite chocolate-based foods.
  • Eggnog, Yes or No?  Oh yes…in fact, I’m now into various types of “nog”, including a Vanilla Cream number put out by Southern Comfort.  Yes, THAT Southern Comfort. 
  • Best Present Ever…  Easy enough: my second kid, Jake Bentley Young, born six days before Christmas of ’97.  He’s a keeper.
  • Worst Present Ever…  My mother gave all three of my kids ownership papers to three llamas that my mother had donated to a village in Ecuador. Seriously.
  • Favorite Holiday Movie…  “It’s A Wonderful Life”, although I still wince during some of the family-conflict scenes.  By the way, I despise “A Christmas Story.” Leg Lamp???

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in advance from The Young’s  🙂


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