We recently went through a computer upgrade here at KUIC; our Program Director/Jack-of-All-Trades Jim Hampton is to be congratulated on basically rewiring the studios and offices with wonderful new technology.  In the process of switching out old computers and installing new ones, we needed to “clear out” unnecessary photos, documents, audio and video to make room on our server…a bit of digital spring cleaning.  I did manage to find a bunch of stuff I didn’t need (air checks from 2006, very unflattering publicity pics, etc.), but I found some real nuggets, too: pictures of my kids when they we between the ages of 5 and 10 with headphones on in the studio, beautiful photos of my wife Meg (that’s redundant), and a few gems featuring various cars I’ve owned over the last 35 years. I found a photo of my FIRST car, a red ’69 VW Beetle, and another great picture of my all-time favorite teenage-era car, my 1967 light green Mustang. For whatever reason, my favorite picture I came across is the one featured here: my 1966 Ford Falcon Wagon with its fresh Robin’s Egg Blue paint, new automatic transmission (replacing the recently fried “3 on the Tree” manual) and mullet-sporting fake-mechanic/owner, ME. I’m not sure what took more guts: driving that old beast around SoCal with a smoke-belching 400,000 mile engine, or going out in public with that haircut. I’m still here…still with a questionable haircut…you decide 🙂

John Young



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