Does bad “facial hair” count as bad hair?  I think it does…as you can see, I just unearthed another photographic gem while “cleaning the server” here at KUIC.  In fact, this particular picture features multiple fashion violations, from the peach-fuzz mustache (colored in with my girlfriend’s eyeliner) to the short-shorts; thank goodness the car is what most people focus on when they see this photo.  And what a car it was: a slightly modified 1969 VW Beetle, my first real running, drive-able car as a 16 year old recently-licensed driver (for those of you doing the math, the year was 1981…that kind of explains the hair and clothes…kind of).  That cool bug had a hopped-up 1600cc engine, a lowered front end and jumbo rear tires on custom rims.  What’s with the “posing” on the car, like I’m a fake male model?  I could have done this picture a huge favor (and all the people looking at it) by climbing IN the car 🙂

John Young

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