A Movie Experience for the Brave

File this under things my family and I might do, but are legitimately terrified to even consider, but it still sounds kinda fun, but equally scary…coming to a specially modified theater in Leander, Texas (about an hour from San Marcos where my son Jake goes to college), “Jaws on the Water” has added new dates to their summer viewing schedule. For a mere $55 ticket, you can sit in a shark-themed inner tube, feet dangling in the water, and watch the 1975 blockbuster movie Jaws. Oh, and you get to keep the inner tube as a souvenir of your bravery. Not only that, but included in your ticket price is an illustrated Jaws pint glass, and dinner is only an extra 12 bucks. I reached out to Jake on social media, asking if this would be something he would like to do the next time we visit him in Texas; his response: “Hell Yes!  Can I bring some friends?” I was truly surprised at the outpouring of desire to participate in this unique experience; when I first saw Jaws at the drive-in as a ten year old, I was so freaked out afterwards that I refused to go in a swimming pool…I wouldn’t take a bath. So I guess I’ll get ready to float at Volente Beach Water Park & Beachside Billy’s in Leander, Texas this Summer…wish me luck!

John Young


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